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Cincinnati Music Hall

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Cincinnati Music Hall

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Title: Cincinnati Music Hall
Author: MacKaron, Erissa, Photographer
Description: Opened in 1878, Cincinnati Music Hall is the performance venue for the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra concerts, opera and the May festival of Music. Originally the three part complex was designed to house horticultural displays, art and industrial exhibitions all centered around the structurally central 3500-seat Music Hall. The exterior of the building is remarkable in its' use of red and black pressed brick accented with carved stone ornaments and wrought iron work. Remodeling in 1895 introduced electrical lighting, a ceiling mural by Arthur Conrad Thomas and a Beaux Arts style proscenium that created a more formal interior. The 1970 renovation added rehearsal halls, stage property shops and extensive stage equipment.
Bookmark: http://hdl.handle.net/2374.UC/47
Date: 1878

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