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The European

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Title: The European
Author: Forbes, Hugh
Description: [New York City] The European, November 15, 1856-May 2, 1858, editor Hugh Forbes. Forbes, an English Garibaldian organized the emigres of 1848-49 in New York City with local radicals into a coalition of Universal Democratic Republicans. It became part of the International Association of the 1850s, and the foundation for the American sections of the International Workingmen's Association after the Civil War. Impressed by Forbes' war record coupled to his militant hostility to slavery, eastern abolitionists involved with John Brown recruited Forbes to be his military advisor. Convinced that the plan for Harpers Ferry was suicidal and unnecessary, Forbes left the operation. By 1860, he was back in Italy with Garibaldi, and, in his absence, became an easy figure to blame for the project's defeat. This content has moved from the Digital Resource Commons to Scholar@UC, it may now be found at: https://scholar.uc.edu/show/9019s315v.
Bookmark: http://hdl.handle.net/2374.UC/689316
Date: 1856-11-15 - 1858-05-02

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Files Size Format View Description
Eur1856_11_15_pp001-016.pdf 10.62Mb PDF Thumbnail November 15, 1856, pp. 1-16.
Eur1856_11_15_pp005,007redo.pdf 643.9Kb PDF Thumbnail November 15, 1856, pp. 5, 7 redo
Eur1856_11_22_pp017-032.pdf 7.551Mb PDF Thumbnail November 22, 1856, pp. 17-32.
Eur1856_11_29_pp033-048.pdf 9.705Mb PDF Thumbnail November 29, 1856, pp. 33-48.
Eur1856_11_29_redos.pdf 1.978Mb PDF Thumbnail November 29, 1856, pp. redo
Eur1856_12_06_pp049-064.pdf 7.797Mb PDF Thumbnail December 6, 1856, pp. 49-64.
Eur1856_12_06_redos.pdf 2.627Mb PDF Thumbnail December 6, 1856, pp. redo
Eur1856_12_13_pp065-080.pdf 5.222Mb PDF Thumbnail December 13, 1856, pp. 65-80.
Eur1856_12_20_pp081-096.pdf 11.07Mb PDF Thumbnail December 20, 1856, pp. 81-96.
Eur1856_12_27_pp097-112.pdf 5.798Mb PDF Thumbnail December 27, 1856, pp. 97-112.
Eur1857_01_03_pp113-128.pdf 4.790Mb PDF Thumbnail January 3, 1857, pp. 113-128.
Eur1857_01_10-17_pp129-160.pdf 13.04Mb PDF Thumbnail January 10, 17, 1857, pp. 129-160.
Eur1857_01_24_pp161-176.pdf 4.693Mb PDF Thumbnail January 24, 1857, pp. 161-176.
Eur1857_01_31_pp177-192.pdf 6.253Mb PDF Thumbnail January 31, 1857, pp. 177-192.
Eur1857_02_07_pp193-208.pdf 9.091Mb PDF Thumbnail February 7, 1857, pp. 193-208.
Eur1857_02_14_pp209-224.pdf 5.928Mb PDF Thumbnail February 14, 1857, pp. 209-224.
Eur1857_02_21_pp225-240.pdf 4.981Mb PDF Thumbnail February 21, 1857, pp. 225-240.
Eur1857_02_28_pp241-256.pdf 6.839Mb PDF Thumbnail February 28, 1857, pp. 241-256.
Eur1857_03_07_pp257-272.pdf 8.117Mb PDF Thumbnail March 7, 1857, pp. 257-272.
Eur1857_03_14_pp273-288.pdf 6.421Mb PDF Thumbnail March 14, 1857, pp. 273-288.
Eur1857_03_21_pp289-300.pdf 13.06Mb PDF Thumbnail March 21, 1857, pp. 289-300.
Eur1857_03_28_pp301-312.pdf 6.152Mb PDF Thumbnail March 28, 1857, pp. 301-312.
Eur1857_04_04_pp313-324.pdf 4.716Mb PDF Thumbnail April 4, 1857, pp. 313-324.
Eur1857_04_11_pp325-336.pdf 7.978Mb PDF Thumbnail April 11, 1857, pp. 325-336.
Eur1857_04_18_pp337-348.pdf 10.28Mb PDF Thumbnail April 18, 1857, pp. 337-348.
Eur1857_04_25_pp349-360.pdf 7.689Mb PDF Thumbnail April 25, 1857, pp. 349-360.
Eur1857_05_02_pp361-372.pdf 8.829Mb PDF Thumbnail May 2, 1857, pp. 361-372.

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