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Ashbery, John : poetry reading; April 14th, 1972

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Ashbery, John : poetry reading; April 14th, 1972

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Title: Ashbery, John : poetry reading; April 14th, 1972
Author: Ashbery, John, 1927-
Description: Contents:
All tracks   Poetry reading [complete]
Track 01     Two Scenes
Track 02     Popular Songs
Track 03     The Grapevine
Track 04     Glazunoviana
Track 05     Sonnet
Track 06     And You Know
Track 07     They Dream Only of America
Track 08     Thoughts of a Young Girl
Track 09     How Much Longer Will I Be Able to Inhabit the Divine Sepulcher
Track 10     Rivers and Mountains
Track 11     Last Month
Track 12     The Task
Track 13     Plainness in Diversity
Track 14     Soonest Mended
Track 15     Variations, Calypso and Fugue on a Theme of Ella Wheeler Wilcox
Track 16     Farm Implements and Rutabagas in a Landscape
Track 17     from The New Spirit Description on cassette : John Ashbery - Poetry Reading "Corner Poets" 4-14-72 For streaming media, with closed captions, go to https://stream.libraries.uc.edu/media/1_9a2zbmfd/. Users with a University of Cincinnati login may export a transcript; the transcript is for educational research and study and not for reproduction.
Bookmark: http://hdl.handle.net/2374.UC/697227
Date: 1972-04-14

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Elliston_John_Ashbery_04-14-72.mp3 51.30Mb mp3 audio View/Open Complete
Elliston_John_Ashbery_04-14-72_Track_01.mp3 943.4Kb mp3 audio View/Open Track 01
Elliston_John_Ashbery_04-14-72_Track_02.mp3 1.561Mb mp3 audio View/Open Track 02
Elliston_John_Ashbery_04-14-72_Track_03.mp3 581.9Kb mp3 audio View/Open Track 03
Elliston_John_Ashbery_04-14-72_Track_04.mp3 729.9Kb mp3 audio View/Open Track 04
Elliston_John_Ashbery_04-14-72_Track_05.mp3 664.2Kb mp3 audio View/Open Track 05
Elliston_John_Ashbery_04-14-72_Track_06.mp3 3.623Mb mp3 audio View/Open Track 06
Elliston_John_Ashbery_04-14-72_Track_07.mp3 856.9Kb mp3 audio View/Open Track 07
Elliston_John_Ashbery_04-14-72_Track_08.mp3 624.1Kb mp3 audio View/Open Track 08
Elliston_John_Ashbery_04-14-72_Track_09.mp3 4.051Mb mp3 audio View/Open Track 09
Elliston_John_Ashbery_04-14-72_Track_10.mp3 3.208Mb mp3 audio View/Open Track 10
Elliston_John_Ashbery_04-14-72_Track_11.mp3 852.7Kb mp3 audio View/Open Track 11
Elliston_John_Ashbery_04-14-72_Track_12.mp3 1.114Mb mp3 audio View/Open Track 12
Elliston_John_Ashbery_04-14-72_Track_13.mp3 1.112Mb mp3 audio View/Open Track 13
Elliston_John_Ashbery_04-14-72_Track_14.mp3 3.927Mb mp3 audio View/Open Track 14
Elliston_John_Ashbery_04-14-72_Track_15.mp3 8.292Mb mp3 audio View/Open Track 15
Elliston_John_Ashbery_04-14-72_Track_16.mp3 2.441Mb mp3 audio View/Open Track 16
Elliston_John_Ashbery_04-14-72_Track_17.mp3 5.517Mb mp3 audio View/Open Track 17

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