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Emperor Shomu and the Shosoin : Preservation Lab Treatment Report

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Emperor Shomu and the Shosoin : Preservation Lab Treatment Report

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Title: Emperor Shomu and the Shosoin : Preservation Lab Treatment Report
Author: Noguchi, Yoné
Description: This is a two volume set that suffers from mold damage and paper tears. View Catalog Record
Bookmark: http://hdl.handle.net/2374.UC/744986
Date: 2011-06-24

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i21692609_487_TrtRpt.pdf 2.276Mb PDF Thumbnail
i21692609_487_A1N.jpg 2.281Mb JPEG image Thumbnail
i21692609_487_A2N.jpg 2.371Mb JPEG image Thumbnail
i21692609_487_A3N.jpg 2.949Mb JPEG image Thumbnail
i21692609_487_A4N.jpg 3.140Mb JPEG image Thumbnail
i21692609_487_A5N.jpg 2.266Mb JPEG image Thumbnail
i21692609_487_A6N.jpg 3.112Mb JPEG image Thumbnail
i21692609_487_D1N.jpg 6.145Mb JPEG image Thumbnail
i21692609_487_D3N.jpg 6.294Mb JPEG image Thumbnail
i21692609_487_D4N.jpg 2.079Mb JPEG image Thumbnail
i21692609_487_D5N.jpg 691.5Kb JPEG image Thumbnail
i21692609_487_D6N.jpg 1.203Mb JPEG image Thumbnail
i21692609_487_D7N.jpg 791.5Kb JPEG image Thumbnail
i21692609_487_D8N.jpg 1.029Mb JPEG image Thumbnail
i21692609_487_A1N.jp2 8.506Mb JPEG 2000 image Thumbnail
i21692609_487_A2N.jp2 8.619Mb JPEG 2000 image Thumbnail
i21692609_487_A3N.jp2 13.33Mb JPEG 2000 image Thumbnail
i21692609_487_A4N.jp2 13.61Mb JPEG 2000 image Thumbnail
i21692609_487_A5N.jp2 12.31Mb JPEG 2000 image Thumbnail
i21692609_487_A6N.jp2 13.72Mb JPEG 2000 image Thumbnail
i21692609_487_D1N.jp2 19.32Mb JPEG 2000 image Thumbnail
i21692609_487_D3N.jp2 19.58Mb JPEG 2000 image Thumbnail
i21692609_487_D4N.jp2 7.203Mb JPEG 2000 image Thumbnail
i21692609_487_D5N.jp2 4.691Mb JPEG 2000 image Thumbnail
i21692609_487_D6N.jp2 5.635Mb JPEG 2000 image Thumbnail
i21692609_487_D7N.jp2 4.400Mb JPEG 2000 image Thumbnail
i21692609_487_D8N.jp2 4.959Mb JPEG 2000 image Thumbnail

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