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Old Mother Hubbard in Cincinnati : Preservation Lab Treatment Report

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Old Mother Hubbard in Cincinnati : Preservation Lab Treatment Report

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Title: Old Mother Hubbard in Cincinnati : Preservation Lab Treatment Report
Author: Johnson, Paul
Description: Colorfully illustrated artists' book by Paul Johnson. Contains three-dimensional pop-out/cut-outs and an external castle/tower structure attached to the spine. Signed by artist. Custom corrugated banker's box with drop-down wall, slide-out tray, and Ethafoam bumpers. View Catalog Record
Bookmark: http://hdl.handle.net/2374.UC/744994
Date: 2014-04-30

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Paul_Johnson_UniversityofCincinnati2014.pdf 177.3Kb PDF Thumbnail
i80514807_MotherHubbard_Photography.pdf 2.328Mb PDF Thumbnail
i80514807_DAAP_2N.jpg 1.100Mb JPEG image Thumbnail
i80514807_DAAP_4N.jpg 813.3Kb JPEG image Thumbnail
i80514807_DAAP_5N.jpg 1.036Mb JPEG image Thumbnail
i80514807_DAAP_6N.jpg 1.535Mb JPEG image Thumbnail
i80514807_DAAP_8N.jpg 2.089Mb JPEG image Thumbnail
i80514807_DAAP_9N.jpg 1.200Mb JPEG image Thumbnail
i80514807_DAAP_10N.jpg 1.413Mb JPEG image Thumbnail
i80514807_DAAP_11N.jpg 1.002Mb JPEG image Thumbnail
i80514807_DAAP_12N.jpg 1.143Mb JPEG image Thumbnail
i80514807_DAAP_13N.jpg 1.694Mb JPEG image Thumbnail
i80514807_DAAP_15N.jpg 1.236Mb JPEG image Thumbnail
i80514807_DAAP_16N.jpg 1.015Mb JPEG image Thumbnail
i80514807_DAAP_8N.jp2 7.538Mb JPEG 2000 image Thumbnail
i80514807_DAAP_11N.jp2 4.255Mb JPEG 2000 image Thumbnail
i80514807_DAAP_12N.jp2 4.359Mb JPEG 2000 image Thumbnail
i80514807_DAAP_9N.jp2 5.661Mb JPEG 2000 image Thumbnail
i80514807_DAAP_10N.jp2 6.040Mb JPEG 2000 image Thumbnail
i80514807_DAAP_13N.jp2 6.394Mb JPEG 2000 image Thumbnail
i80514807_DAAP_2N.jp2 5.166Mb JPEG 2000 image Thumbnail
i80514807_DAAP_4N.jp2 4.723Mb JPEG 2000 image Thumbnail
i80514807_DAAP_5N.jp2 5.039Mb JPEG 2000 image Thumbnail
i80514807_DAAP_6N.jp2 5.996Mb JPEG 2000 image Thumbnail
i80514807_DAAP_15N.jp2 5.649Mb JPEG 2000 image Thumbnail
i80514807_DAAP_16N.jp2 4.942Mb JPEG 2000 image Thumbnail

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