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Poems on various subjects, religious and moral : Preservation Lab Treatment Report

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Poems on various subjects, religious and moral : Preservation Lab Treatment Report

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Title: Poems on various subjects, religious and moral : Preservation Lab Treatment Report
Author: Wheatley, Phillis
Description: This is one of two possible anthropodermic binding that are being sampled in the lab for peptide massfingerprinting (PMF).The samples have been requested by a team of conservation scientists that are conducting a national surveyto identify anthropodermic bindings. PMF is a protein analysis method that uses enzymes to break downproteins. Once proteins are digested, peptides are formed. Mammalian peptides are unique. Therefore, thedigested proteins are then identified with a matrix assisted laser desorption ionization mass spectrometry(MALDI) spectrum (Kirby, et al., Identification of collagen-based materials in cultural heritage, Royal Societyof Chemistry, 2013). More information is available online.The second book is of the same title and imprint and belongs to the Public Library of Cincinnati and HamiltonCounty. The two books appear to be bound by the same binder but differ in coverings. This binding is a halfleather binding with parchment covered boards whereas the Public Library's version is a full leather binding. View Catalog Record
Bookmark: http://hdl.handle.net/2374.UC/746084
Date: 2015-10-06

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i21768183_1053_UCARB_TrtRpt_DRC.pdf 4.153Mb PDF Thumbnail
PMF Wheatley 1773 Sampling.pdf 816.0Kb PDF Thumbnail
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i21768183_1053_A08N.jpg 797.4Kb JPEG image Thumbnail
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i21768183_1053_A11N.jpg 588.2Kb JPEG image Thumbnail
i21768183_1053_D01N.jpg 646.1Kb JPEG image Thumbnail
i21768183_1053_D02N.jpg 904.7Kb JPEG image Thumbnail
i21768183_1053_D03N.jpg 1.115Mb JPEG image Thumbnail
i21768183_1053_A01N.jp2 6.792Mb JPEG 2000 image Thumbnail
i21768183_1053_A02N.jp2 6.403Mb JPEG 2000 image Thumbnail
i21768183_1053_A03N.jp2 6.402Mb JPEG 2000 image Thumbnail
i21768183_1053_A04N.jp2 6.387Mb JPEG 2000 image Thumbnail
i21768183_1053_A05N.jp2 6.443Mb JPEG 2000 image Thumbnail
i21768183_1053_A07N.jp2 5.774Mb JPEG 2000 image Thumbnail
i21768183_1053_A08N.jp2 3.541Mb JPEG 2000 image Thumbnail
i21768183_1053_A09N.jp2 3.476Mb JPEG 2000 image Thumbnail
i21768183_1053_A11N.jp2 2.731Mb JPEG 2000 image Thumbnail
i21768183_1053_D01N.jp2 3.006Mb JPEG 2000 image Thumbnail
i21768183_1053_D02N.jp2 4.713Mb JPEG 2000 image Thumbnail
i21768183_1053_D03N.jp2 5.265Mb JPEG 2000 image Thumbnail

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