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CCM- Program Scrapbook : Preservation Lab Treatment Report

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CCM- Program Scrapbook : Preservation Lab Treatment Report

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dc.contributor.other Voynovich, Chris en_US
dc.date.accessioned 2015-12-10T19:49:17Z
dc.date.available 2015-12-10T19:49:17Z
dc.date.created 2013-01-23 en_US
dc.date.issued 2015-12-10
dc.identifier.uri http://hdl.handle.net/2374.UC/746088
dc.description This scrapbook was composed by Mr. and Mrs. John A Hoffman. John Joffman was the director of theCincinnati Conservatory of Music (CCM) during the 1930's and 1940's. He was also a teacher and condutor.Treatment is in preparation for digitization of the components. en_US
dc.title CCM- Program Scrapbook : Preservation Lab Treatment Report en_US
dc.contributor.photographer Ebert, Jessica en_US
dc.subject.aat Pamphlets & Ephemera en_US
dc.subject.aat Enclosures en_US
dc.contributor.conservator Schieszer, Ashleigh en_US

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notcat763_763_TrtRpt_DRC.pdf 4.792Mb PDF Thumbnail
notcat763_763_A01N.jpg 1.756Mb JPEG image Thumbnail
notcat763_763_A02N.jpg 1.292Mb JPEG image Thumbnail
notcat763_763_A03N.jpg 1.292Mb JPEG image Thumbnail
notcat763_763_A04N.jpg 1.695Mb JPEG image Thumbnail
notcat763_763_A06N.jpg 1.588Mb JPEG image Thumbnail
notcat763_763_A07N.jpg 1.373Mb JPEG image Thumbnail
notcat763_763_A08N.jpg 1.471Mb JPEG image Thumbnail
notcat763_763_B01N.jpg 1.354Mb JPEG image Thumbnail
notcat763_763_B02N.jpg 1.053Mb JPEG image Thumbnail
notcat763_763_B03N.jpg 1.153Mb JPEG image Thumbnail
notcat763_763_B04N.jpg 1.410Mb JPEG image Thumbnail
notcat763_763_B07N.jpg 906.8Kb JPEG image Thumbnail
notcat763_763_B09.jpg 880.5Kb JPEG image Thumbnail
notcat763_763_B10.jpg 1.199Mb JPEG image Thumbnail
notcat763_763_C01N.jpg 1.547Mb JPEG image Thumbnail
notcat763_763_C02UV.jpg 1.100Mb JPEG image Thumbnail
notcat763_763_C03N.jpg 1.152Mb JPEG image Thumbnail
notcat763_763_C04N.jpg 1.397Mb JPEG image Thumbnail
notcat763_763_C07N.jpg 837.1Kb JPEG image Thumbnail
notcat763_763_D02N.jpg 1.073Mb JPEG image Thumbnail
notcat763_763_D03N.jpg 1.006Mb JPEG image Thumbnail
notcat763_763_D04N.jpg 1.247Mb JPEG image Thumbnail
notcat763_763_D06N.jpg 1.625Mb JPEG image Thumbnail
notcat763_763_D08N.jpg 751.0Kb JPEG image Thumbnail
notcat763_763_D09N.jpg 782.2Kb JPEG image Thumbnail
notcat763_763_A01N.jp2 6.784Mb JPEG 2000 image Thumbnail
notcat763_763_A02N.jp2 5.212Mb JPEG 2000 image Thumbnail
notcat763_763_A03N.jp2 5.122Mb JPEG 2000 image Thumbnail
notcat763_763_A04N.jp2 6.577Mb JPEG 2000 image Thumbnail
notcat763_763_A06N.jp2 6.402Mb JPEG 2000 image Thumbnail
notcat763_763_A07N.jp2 6.119Mb JPEG 2000 image Thumbnail
notcat763_763_A08N.jp2 6.195Mb JPEG 2000 image Thumbnail
notcat763_763_B01N.jp2 5.836Mb JPEG 2000 image Thumbnail
notcat763_763_B02N.jp2 5.647Mb JPEG 2000 image Thumbnail
notcat763_763_B03N.jp2 5.459Mb JPEG 2000 image Thumbnail
notcat763_763_B04N.jp2 5.870Mb JPEG 2000 image Thumbnail
notcat763_763_B07N.jp2 5.016Mb JPEG 2000 image Thumbnail
notcat763_763_B09.jp2 3.756Mb JPEG 2000 image Thumbnail
notcat763_763_B10.jp2 5.084Mb JPEG 2000 image Thumbnail
notcat763_763_C01N.jp2 6.355Mb JPEG 2000 image Thumbnail
notcat763_763_C02UV.jp2 5.941Mb JPEG 2000 image Thumbnail
notcat763_763_C03N.jp2 5.440Mb JPEG 2000 image Thumbnail
notcat763_763_C04N.jp2 5.797Mb JPEG 2000 image Thumbnail
notcat763_763_C07N.jp2 4.943Mb JPEG 2000 image Thumbnail
notcat763_763_D02N.jp2 5.723Mb JPEG 2000 image Thumbnail
notcat763_763_D03N.jp2 4.578Mb JPEG 2000 image Thumbnail
notcat763_763_D04N.jp2 5.200Mb JPEG 2000 image Thumbnail
notcat763_763_D06N.jp2 6.729Mb JPEG 2000 image Thumbnail
notcat763_763_D08N.jp2 4.261Mb JPEG 2000 image Thumbnail
notcat763_763_D09N.jp2 4.232Mb JPEG 2000 image Thumbnail

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