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Römische Dichter in neuen metrischen Uebersetzungen, bd. 50-65 : Preservation Lab Treatment Report

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Römische Dichter in neuen metrischen Uebersetzungen, bd. 50-65 : Preservation Lab Treatment Report

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Title: Römische Dichter in neuen metrischen Uebersetzungen, bd. 50-65 : Preservation Lab Treatment Report
Author: Figueirinhas, Catarina; Figueirinhas, Catarina; Ebert, Jessica; Schieszer, Ashleigh
Description: This is part of a collection of brittle pamphlets from the Classics Library. This is an ongoing stabilization and housing project. This box houses bd. 50-65. In order to streamline treatment documentation, a set list of possible treatment options has been determined for the entirity of the project. Specific information on which treatment option each pamphlet fell under can be found in the treatment report for that pamphlet. View Catalog Record
Bookmark: http://hdl.handle.net/2374.UC/753109
Date: 2017-07-03

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i54439747_1415_B01N.jp2 6.052Mb JPEG 2000 image Thumbnail
i54439681_1420_bd50_AbbrevTrtRpt.pdf 85.51Kb PDF Thumbnail
i5443970x_1419_bd51a_AbbrevTrtRpt.pdf 85.49Kb PDF Thumbnail
i54439711_1418_bd51b_AbbrevTrtRpt.pdf 85.49Kb PDF Thumbnail
i54439723_1417_bd52_AbbrevTrtRpt.pdf 85.30Kb PDF Thumbnail
i54439735_1416_bd53_AbbrevTrtRpt.pdf 85.50Kb PDF Thumbnail
i54439747_1415_bd53b_AbbrevTrtRpt.pdf 765.8Kb PDF Thumbnail
i54439747_1414_bd54_AbbrevTrtRpt.pdf 1.829Mb PDF Thumbnail
i54439772_1413_bd55_AbbrevTrtRpt.pdf 85.52Kb PDF Thumbnail
i54439784_1412_bd56_AbbrevTrtRpt.pdf 85.32Kb PDF Thumbnail
i54439796_1411_bd57_AbbrevTrtRpt.pdf 85.62Kb PDF Thumbnail
i54439802_1410_bd58_AbbrevTrtRpt.pdf 85.55Kb PDF Thumbnail
i54439814_1409_bd59_AbbrevTrtRpt.pdf 85.29Kb PDF Thumbnail
i54439838_1407_bd60_AbbrevTrtRpt.pdf 85.32Kb PDF Thumbnail
i54439826_1408_bd61_AbbrevTrtRpt.pdf 85.30Kb PDF Thumbnail
i5443984x_1406_bd62_AbbrevTrtRpt.pdf 85.31Kb PDF Thumbnail
i54439851_1405_bd63_AbbrevTrtRpt.pdf 85.30Kb PDF Thumbnail
i54439863_1404_bd64_AbbrevTrtRpt.pdf 85.30Kb PDF Thumbnail
i54439875_1403_bd65_AbbrevTrtRpt.pdf 124.5Kb PDF Thumbnail
i54439747_1415_C01N.jp2 6.280Mb JPEG 2000 image Thumbnail
i54439747_1415_D01N.jp2 44.66Mb JPEG 2000 image Thumbnail
i54439759_1414_A01N.jp2 41.30Mb JPEG 2000 image Thumbnail
i54439759_1414_A02N.jp2 42.29Mb JPEG 2000 image Thumbnail
i54439759_1414_A03N.jp2 34.75Mb JPEG 2000 image Thumbnail
i54439759_1414_A04N.jp2 50.22Mb JPEG 2000 image Thumbnail
i54439759_1414_D01N.jp2 36.12Mb JPEG 2000 image Thumbnail
i54439759_1414_D02N.jp2 36.72Mb JPEG 2000 image Thumbnail
i54439759_1414_D03N.jp2 48.63Mb JPEG 2000 image Thumbnail
i54439759_1414_D04N.jp2 69.67Mb JPEG 2000 image Thumbnail

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