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Annual report : Preservation Lab Treatment Report

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Annual report : Preservation Lab Treatment Report

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Title: Annual report : Preservation Lab Treatment Report
Author: Longview Hospital (Cincinnati, Ohio)
Description: This is a collection of 51 Longview Hospital annual reports, dating from 1860 to 1909. This collection of pamphlets were treated in preparation for storage and digitization. Some of the pamphlets were treated to mend small tears and losses in the paper. The pamphlets were stored in custom 10 pt. library board folders within corrugated clamshells. The pamphlets were stored spine down on the shelf to protect the pamphlets from sliding out of the folders when handled. View Catalog Record
Bookmark: http://hdl.handle.net/2374.UC/755495
Date: 2019-09-18

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i2010473x_2195_1866.pdf 148.0Kb PDF Thumbnail
i2010537x_2214_1882c2.pdf 145.7Kb PDF Thumbnail
i2010563x_2223_1889.pdf 201.0Kb PDF Thumbnail
i2010568x_2223_1889.pdf 149.4Kb PDF Thumbnail
i2010604x_2236_1904c2.pdf 147.9Kb PDF Thumbnail
i20104583_2190_1861.pdf 109.3Kb PDF Thumbnail
i20104613_2191_1862.pdf 109.3Kb PDF Thumbnail
i20104650_2192_1863.pdf 108.7Kb PDF Thumbnail
i20104662_2193_1864.pdf 102.2Kb PDF Thumbnail
i20104716_2194_1865.pdf 109.4Kb PDF Thumbnail
i20104789_2196_1867.pdf 149.5Kb PDF Thumbnail
i20104820_2197_1868.pdf 149.2Kb PDF Thumbnail
i20104868_2198_1869.pdf 149.2Kb PDF Thumbnail
i20104881_2199_1870.pdf 110.3Kb PDF Thumbnail
i20104947_2201_1872.pdf 102.8Kb PDF Thumbnail
i20104984_2202_1876.pdf 149.6Kb PDF Thumbnail
i20104996_2203_1876c2.pdf 109.4Kb PDF Thumbnail
i20105034_2204_1877.pdf 149.3Kb PDF Thumbnail
i20105058_2205_1877c2.pdf 148.7Kb PDF Thumbnail
i20105083_2206_1878.pdf 149.4Kb PDF Thumbnail
i20105113_2207_1879.pdf 109.9Kb PDF Thumbnail
i20105149_2208_1879c2.pdf 110.3Kb PDF Thumbnail
i20105174_2209_1880.pdf 102.6Kb PDF Thumbnail
i20105216_2210_1880c2.pdf 102.3Kb PDF Thumbnail
i20105253_2211_1881.pdf 110.1Kb PDF Thumbnail
i20105290_2212_1881c2.pdf 102.3Kb PDF Thumbnail
i20105320_2213_1882.pdf 148.2Kb PDF Thumbnail
i20105393_2215_1883.pdf 102.3Kb PDF Thumbnail
i20105435_2216_1884.pdf 102.3Kb PDF Thumbnail
i20105460_2217_1885.pdf 149.7Kb PDF Thumbnail
i20105484_2218_1886.pdf 149.9Kb PDF Thumbnail
i20105538_2219_1886c2.pdf 102.5Kb PDF Thumbnail
i20105551_2220_1886c3.pdf 148.6Kb PDF Thumbnail
i20105604x_2236_1904c2.pdf 147.8Kb PDF Thumbnail
i20105617_2221_1887.pdf 149.9Kb PDF Thumbnail
i20105630_2222_1888.pdf 102.3Kb PDF Thumbnail
i20105630_2222_1888.pdf 102.3Kb PDF View/Open
i20105708_2224_1890.pdf 102.5Kb PDF Thumbnail
i20105733_2225_1891.pdf 102.5Kb PDF Thumbnail
i20105757_2226_1892.pdf 109.7Kb PDF Thumbnail
i20105782_2227_1892c2.pdf 150.2Kb PDF Thumbnail
i20105794_2228_1893.pdf 148.7Kb PDF Thumbnail
i20105836_2229_1894.pdf 102.6Kb PDF Thumbnail
i20105848_2230_1894c2.pdf 148.9Kb PDF Thumbnail
i20105873_2231_1894c3.pdf 149.7Kb PDF Thumbnail
i20105903_2232_1896.pdf 102.8Kb PDF Thumbnail
i20105915_2233_1898.pdf 149.9Kb PDF Thumbnail
i20105952_2234_1903.pdf 149.9Kb PDF Thumbnail
i20105988_2235_1904.pdf 149.5Kb PDF Thumbnail
i20106075_2237_1905.pdf 149.9Kb PDF Thumbnail
i20106129_2238_1906.pdf 149.9Kb PDF Thumbnail
i20106154_2239_1907.pdf 149.9Kb PDF Thumbnail
i20106191_2240_1907c2.pdf 147.9Kb PDF Thumbnail
i20106221_2241_1908-09.pdf 149.7Kb PDF Thumbnail

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